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序號 刊名 ISSN-E 卷期 出版商
1 Journal of business logistics 2158-1592 V.40 (Online Only) Wiley-Blackwell
2 Journal of supply chain management 1745-493X V.55 (Online Only) Wiley-Blackwell
3 International Journal of information systems and supply chain management 1935-5734 V.12 (Online Only) IGI Global
4 Journal of marketing theory and practice 1944-7175 V.27 (Online Only) Taylor & Francis Ltd.
5 Journal of transport economics and policy 1754-5951 V.53 (Online Only) Jnl. of Transport Economics & Policy
6 Journal of accounting, auditing and finance 2160-4061 V 34.1 - 34.4 (Online Only) SAGE Publication Inc.
7 Accounting & finance 1467-629X V.59 (Online Only) Wiley-Blackwell
8 Contemporary accounting package (Contemporary accounting research/Accounting perspectives)   V.36/V.18 (Online Only) Wiley-Blackwell
8-1 Contemporary accounting research     Wiley-Blackwell
8-2 Accounting perspectives     Wiley-Blackwell
9 Journal of small business management 1540-627X V.57 (Online Only) Wiley-Blackwell
10 Journal of business & economic statistics 1537-2707 V.37 (Online Only) Taylor & Francis Ltd.
11 International economic review 1468-2354 V.60 (Online Only) Wiley-Blackwell
12 Journal of finance 1540-6261 V.74 (Online Only) Wiley-Blackwell
13 Journal of financial and quantitative analysis 1756-6916 V.54:1 - 54:6 (Online Only) Cambridge University Press
14 Financial management 1755-053X V.48 (Online Only) Wiley-Blackwell
15 Journal of applied corporate finance 1745-6622 V.31 (Online Only) Wiley-Blackwell
16 Decision sciences package (Decision sciences/Decision sciences Journal of innovative education)   V.50/V.17 (Online Only) Wiley-Blackwell
16-1 Decision sciences       Wiley-Blackwell
16-2 Decision sciences journal of innovative education     Wiley-Blackwell
17 Information systems management 1934-8703 V.36 (Online Only) Taylor & Francis Ltd.
18 International Journal of electronic commerce 1557-9301 V.23 (Online Only) Taylor & Francis Ltd.
19 Journal of management information systems 1557-928X V.36 (Online Only) Taylor & Francis Ltd.
20 Information systems and e-business management 1617-9854 V.17 (Online Only) Springer
21 International Journal of tourism research 1522-1970 V.21 (Online Only) Wiley-Blackwell
22 International Journal of hospitality and tourism administration 1525-6499 V.20 (Online Only) Taylor & Francis Ltd.
23 Journal of sport and tourism 1029-5399 V.23 (Online Only) Taylor & Francis Ltd.
24 Journal of heritage tourism 1747-6631 V.14 (Online Only) Taylor & Francis Ltd.
25 Journal of convention & event tourism 1547-0156 V.20 (Online Only) Taylor & Francis Ltd.
26 Asia pacific Journal of tourism research 1741-6507 V.24 (Online Only) Taylor & Francis Ltd.
27 Journal of travel medicine 1708-8305 V.26 (Online Only) Oxford University Press
28 Journal of foodservice business research 1537-8039 V.22 (Online Only) Taylor & Francis Ltd.
29 Leisure/Loisir: Journal of the Canadian association for leisure studies 2151-2221 V.43 (Online Only) Taylor & Francis Ltd.
30 Journal of tourism and cultural change 1747-7654 V.17 (Online Only) Taylor & Francis Ltd.
31 Journal of hospitality marketing & management 1936-8631 V.28 (Online Only) Taylor & Francis Ltd.
32 Leisure sciences 1521-0588 V.41 (Online Only) Taylor & Francis Ltd.
33 Language learning 1467-9922 V.69 (Online Only) Wiley-Blackwell
34 Modern language Journal 1540-4781 V.103 (Online Only) Wiley-Blackwell
35 TESOL quarterly 1545-7249 V.53 (Online Only) Wiley-Blackwell
36 Educational action research 1747-5074 V.27 (Online Only) Taylor & Francis Ltd.
37 Journalism and mass communication educator 2161-4326 V 74.1 - 74.4 (Online Only) SAGE Publication Inc.
38 Journalism and mass communication quarterly 2161-430X V 96.1 - 96.4 (Online Only) SAGE Publication Inc.
39 Journal of broadcasting and electronic media 1550-6878 V.63 (Online Only) Taylor & Francis Ltd.
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41 Mass communication and society 1532-7825 V.22 (Online Only) Taylor & Francis Ltd.
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44 Journal of applied communication research 1479-5752 V.47 (Online Only) Taylor & Francis Ltd.
45 Annals of GIS 1947-5691 V.25 (Open Access) Taylor & Francis Ltd.
46 International Journal of cognitive informatics and natural intelligence 1557-3966 V.13 (Online Only) IGI Global
47 International Journal of e-business research 1548-114X V.15 (Online Only) IGI Global
48 International Journal of e-collaboration 1548-3681 V.15 (Online Only) IGI Global
49 International Journal of enterprise information systems 1548-1123 V.15 (Online Only) IGI Global
50 International Journal of information technology and web engineering 1554-1053 V.14 (Online Only) IGI Global
51 International Journal of web-based learning and teaching technologies 1548-1107 V.14 (Online Only) IGI Global
52 Mobile networks and applications 1572-8153 V.24 (Online Only) Springer
53 American Journal of dance therapy 1573-3262 V.41 (Online Only) Springer
54 Human studies 1572-851X V.42 (Online Only) Springer
55 Ergonomics in design 2169-5083 V 27.1 - 27.4 (Online Only) SAGE Publication Inc.
56 Journal of architectural education 1531-314X V.73 (Online Only) Taylor & Francis Ltd.
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